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Mavala Double Lash: Product Review

Rated: 5 out of 10
by GrowEyelashes.org

Developed in Europe, Mavala Double Lash gives ladies the eyelashes they've been searching for. Running less than $20 a bottle, the cost-effective Mavala Double Lash does its job, creating longer and stronger eyelashes. It rebuilds old lashes as well. Taking weeks to see its effects and not sold in retail stores, is Mavala Double Lash worth the wait?

Best eyelash growth product Customers from all around the world that wanted longer, thicker eyelashes have given Mavala Double Lash positive reviews. Created in Switzerland, Mavala Double Lash is an effective treatment to increase in length and stability of women's eyelashes.

Just like mascara, Mavala is applied directly to a lady's eyelashes, rather than on a lash's upper lid. Using a brush applicator wand at bedtime, the product conditions ladies' eyelashes while they sleep.

Utilizing a number of moisturizers and multi-protein combinations, it also adds length and repairs damaged hair. Mavala Double Lash also creates new hair growth giving women full size eyelashes that shine enough to make Marilyn Monroe jealous.

Mavala Ingredients

Made in Switzerland, one 3 ounce bottle of Mavala Double Lash is made with a special mixture of natural ingredients. There is water, magnesium, aluminum silicate, alcohol denat, Xanthan gum and propylene glycol.

Mavala Double Lash is rather simple to use. A lady just applies the product to clean lashes in the evening, and leaves it on throughout the night.

Side Effects of Mavala Double Lash

Mavala Double Lash causes minimal side effects, as it is made of all natural ingredients. Of course, users still want to keep it out of their eyes. Mavala Double Lash has been known to cause irritation.

Regardless of what the packaging and advertisements tell you, it can take up to a month to take effect on individual's face. Also on the negative side, Mavala Double Lash is usually found on the internet only. It's quite rare to find it for sale in chain drugstores.

Final Thoughts on Mavala Double Lash

Mavala Double Lash satisfies its customers because it works. Selling for under $20 a bottle, Mavala Double Lash is cost effective. The big drawback is that it takes so long to start noticing that it's doing its repairing old and beat up eyelashes.

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