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MarveLash Review

Rated: 10 out of 10
by GrowEyelashes.org

marvelash ingredientsIt used to be that if you wanted the look of long, full eyelashes, you had to spend the money, time, and effort to apply false eyelashes, or you could deal with the daily application and removal of mascara.

A third option has gained recent approval from the FDA: eyelash growth products. Ranging from prescription to over the counter products, these special serums can help to boost the growth rate of your natural eyelashes, adding thickness, length, and even darkening each lash.

As with many cosmetic products, not all is perfect in this new world of eyelash growth options; some of these products have been linked with side effects that include irritation, allergic reactions, and changes in the color of the irises. Before signing on for fuller and thicker lashes, take the time to read our in-depth eyelash product reviews.

MarveLash Research and Testimonials

A relative newcomer to the eyelash growth market, MarveLash has been clinically tested for both effectiveness in promoting lash growth and to make certain there are no harmful side effects from the use of this product. In fact, in clinical tests, MarveLash boosted the growth of natural lashes in 93 percent of the subjects in this study, and measurable growth occurred within two weeks of starting the use of MarveLash.

Other reviews of MarveLash show similarly impressive results. Independent consumer review panels reveal that MarveLash increased the density of natural lashes by up to 77 percent, resulting in a fullness and lushness that still looks more natural than either false eyelashes or gloppy mascara.

The best finding from clinical trials and customer research is that there are no harmful side effects associated with the use of MarveLash. Unlike other eyelash growth products, MarveLash is non-irritating, contains only natural ingredients, and does not discolor the skin around the eyes or the irises within the eyes.

MarveLash Ingredients

Unlike the eyelash growth products that are associated with skin and iris discoloration, MarveLash contains no bimatoprost, which has been linked to these side effects. MarveLash's clinically-proven ingredients are all-natural and have been tested for safety; the ingredient list includes Glycerin, Licorice Root extract, Wheat Protein, and Allantoin to hydrate and nourish the lash follicles and to gently promote healthy growth.

Does MarveLash Really Work?

Clinical tests demonstrate that MarveLash is a powerful catalyst for eyelash growth, but without irritating the delicate skin surrounding the eyes or causing discolored skin or irises. Users of MarveLash note that the product is gentle and does not cause the itching, redness or irritation that is typical with many other eyelash growth formulas. In addition to helping to boost lash growth, MarveLash is also effective at promoting the growth of eyebrows, which helps people with skimpy or light-colored eyebrows to avoid the artificial look that eyebrow pencils can impart.

The natural ingredients found in MarveLash's proprietary formula work in concert to deliver vitamins and nutrients directly to the hair's follicles and to also provide the hydration that hair follicles require to grow healthy, strong eyelashes. Unlike other complicated eyelash growth products, the application of MarveLash is just as easy as eyeliner or mascara, so customers find it simple to use as directed each night before bedtime.

Our analysis of MarveLash leads us to recommend it as the top choice for eyelash -- and eyebrow -- growth; for darker, longer, and fuller lashes after just a few weeks' use, try MarveLash now.