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Latisse Eyelash Growth

Rated: 6 out of 10
by GrowEyelashes.org

Latisse Eyelash Growth is the first and only prescription product available to treat the too weak and too few lashes on one's face. But be careful, as Latisse Eyelash Growth comes with some pretty serious side effects. Could Latisse Eyelash Growth be the right product for you?

Best eyelash growth product Latisse Eyelash Growth is a prescription treatment for people who want to grow longer and thicker eyelashes. It actually promotes growth of eyelashes. Costing about $120, Latisse Eyelash Growth is more cost-effective than its competition, even if it doesn't work as quickly.

While some customers love Latisse Eyelash Growth, raving about how much better their faces look, along with zero side effects. Other women have opposite opinions. Some buyers claim that they've seen no difference after six weeks of daily use.

The Ingredients of Latisse Eyelash Growth

The single most active ingredient of Latisse Eyelash Growth is bimatoprost. The liquid compound derived from fatty acids has already been approved by the FDA to treat illnesses, such as glaucoma. As a result, hair begins to grow. Latisse Eyelash Growth also includes purified water, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, citric acid and benzalkonium chloride. It is recommended that Latisse Eyelash Growth is applied everyday to a woman's upper eyelashes. Disposable applicators are known to work best.

The Side Effects of Latisse Eyelash Growth Latisse Eyelash Growth is known to have some common side effects. In up to 4 percent of patients, their eyes become very dry, red and extremely itchy. Less common side effects can happen on someone's skin surrounding the eye. Their skin can actually grow darker, also known as hyperpigmentation. On rare occasions, eyelashes have fallen out and a person's eyes become discolored because of allergies. If this happens, a person needs to seek medical attention immediately. There can be very serious downsides to Latisse Eyelash Growth. First off, you need to take the product regularly for the rest of your life. Otherwise, your lashes will return to normal. And it can take up to four months before any differences can even be seen. Finally, not all physicians are familiar with Latisse Eyelash Growth. As a result, these doctors can't recommend the product or knowingly oppose any of its side effects.

Final Thoughts on Latisse Eyelash Growth

Latisse Eyelash Growth may come with a bit too much extra baggage to make it a good buy. To start, a lady needs a prescription to get Latisse Eyelash Growth. Then there are the known side effects, and the extended period of time to see any improvement. These simple facts can be enough to drive any consumer away.

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