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Enormous Lash

Rated: 6 out of 10
by GrowEyelashes.org

Everywhere a lady looks these days, she's bound to see hot new eyelash enhancement products to improve her appearance. Known to make lashes longer, thicker and more exquisite, Enormous Lash claims to create dazzling eyelashes in just a few weeks' time. A new version of Enormous Lash has recently been made available, entailing peptides and just the right nutrients.

Customers' Reviews of Enormous Lash

enormous lash ingredients Enormous Lash has received mixed reviews from its customers. One cancer survivor that had to undergo plenty of chemotherapy claimed the product made her look 20 years younger after only a month of use. Another lady claimed that Enormous Lash is the only beauty product for her lashes that doesn't give her an adverse reaction with swollen eyelids. New hair being grown is actually encouraged from the mess-free product. She can even use it both her upper and lower eyelashes every night for a couple of weeks. What woman doesn't love showing off her long and thick eyelashes?

The Ingredients of Enormous Lash

Every night, a woman just has to apply the liquid Enormous Lash serum along the eyelash line on her face. The process is similar to applying mascara. Often times, ladies forget to apply Enormous Lash, so it can simply be put on their faces when they wake up. With absolutely no paraben or prostaglandin, Enormous Lash is created with just the right mixture of water, glycerin, butylenes, potassium and other ingredients.

The Side Effects of Enormous Lash

On the other hand, not every customer raves about Enormous Lash because of its side effects. After six weeks of use, a young lady in California claimed that it's done nothing to help her, and her eyelashes look the exact same as when she bought the expensive product. In fact, she says more eyelashes began falling off of her face since she started applying Enormous Lash. Many have voiced concerns over eye irritation as well. Consumers also feel that Enormous Lash is expensive. A little 2-ounce bottle runs for almost $100, and it takes many weeks to even take effects.

Final Thoughts about Enormous Lash

Despite its high cost, Enormous Lash is generally simple to apply. Enormous Lash also comes with a one year money back guarantee. It seems to work wonders for some women, while others curse the product. It's been called a waste of women's hard-earned money.

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