Top 3 Eyelash Growth Products

The length of a lady's eyelashes has been a long-time symbol of attraction for men. When a beautiful woman with thick, long lashes "bats her eyes" at a man of interest, well he can't help but take interest. Unfortunately, eyelashes were not made equal among women, and there are many with short, sparse eyelashes looking for eyelash growth techniques and aids.

If fake lashes aren't your thing, there is a wide array of products to help your eyelashes grow on their own. However, we advise you stay clear of synthetic products and experimental treatments, which contain prostaglandin, a controversial drug that can cause blindness and loss of lashes.

Get fuller, longer lashes minus the side effects with these top-rated natural eyelash growth products. The following lash enhancing serums contain natural extracts, vitamins and proteins that won't damage your skin or eyes. Read more to learn how you too can have long, lovely lashes now.

top eyelash growth products
effective eyelash growth products
Overall Rating: 10.0
Retail Price: $69.99
Overall Rating: 8.1
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Overall Rating: 7.25
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#1 Eyelashes Product: MarveLash

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Rated: 10 out of 10

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Thicker, Longer Lashes are Within Your Reach

In the hunt for thicker, fuller lashes, synthetic serums are an option best avoided. Side effects range from seizures, eye color change, loss of eyelashes, and even blindness! Thankfully, safer, natural volumizers like MarveLash are readily available for a fraction of the cost.

Malnutrition and poor health can sometimes result in a loss of eyelashes, especially if you have an infection in your eye or eyelid. If you use a lot of mascara and don't properly remove it before bed, there's a good chance your eyelashes are infested with mites known as demodex folliculorum, which feed on mascara gunk. Anemia also causes hair and lashes to fall out.

Like all hair follicles, eyelashes require a hearty supply of vitamins and proteins to grow long and strong. MarveLash contains Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A and Vitamin E to metabolize proteins for enhanced eyelash growth. Long, lovely lashes are within your reach. Try MarveLash now for:

  • Contains Natural Extracts for Naturally Beautiful Lashes
  • Increases Eyelash Density by 82%
  • Safe, Effective Formula: Works on Eyelashes and Eyebrows Too
  • Apply Daily for Darker, Longer Lashes

top eyelash growth products

My lashes used to be so sparsely spread out that it aged my face, even if I caked on the mascara and eyeliner. My best friend has the most beautifully thick lashes I've ever seen. We go out, and all the guys would tell her how captivating her eyes were.

One day I decided enough was enough and discovered MarveLash. Within a month, my lashes grew thick and longer then my best friend's, and now she's the jealous one. I love it!

Tina S, Richmond, VA

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  • Overall:
  • 10.0
  • Effectiveness
  • 10.0
  • Lash Density
  • 10.0
  • Lash Length
  • 10.0
  • Safety
  • 10.0

Consumer Tested Results:

MarveLash was tested in beauty salons across the States by over 200 women for overall effectiveness. The results are as follows:

Lash Length


Weeks of Use

**This consumer poll is not clinically observed. However, similar results can be realistically expected when using this product.

Best eyelash productsMarveLash lives up to its reputation for being one of the best eyelash volumizers around. This eyelash enhancing serum is safe and easy to use and can even double your lash density in as little as four weeks.

top eyelash productsMascara and fake eyelashes are the primary source for temporarily longer lashes. But there is a natural remedy for this beauty blunder. Trade off thin, wispy lashes for fuller, lengthier ones with MarveLash.

effective eyelash productsFinding an eyelash growth product that doesn't irritate your eyes was practically impossible before MarveLash.

Where to Get it Practically Free*:

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*Enhance the length and thickness of your eyelashes for only $69.99. Order your MarveLash Eyelash Growth today.

#2 Eyelashes Product: Idol Lash

Best in Retail

Safe and Effective Eyelash Enhancing Serum

For enhanced eyelash length, we also recommend nightly use of Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancing Serum for voluminous lashes that'll take his breath away. Eyelash growth is affected by nutrition and health, as well as cleanliness and proper removal of make up before bed. Idol Lash kills two birds with one stone by giving your lashes the nutrients it crazes in addition to eliminating leftover mascara gunk.

Check out what the media has to say about Idol Lash:

fast eyelash growth productsMascara not enough? Use Idol Lash for longer, silky soft eyelashes, which nourishes lashes with Vitamin E, milk fat and proteins for health hair growth.

products to grow eyelashes fastWant eyes that'll stop him dead in his tracks? Consider boosting your lashes with a lash serum for dramatic results.

  • Overall:
  • 8.1
  • Effectiveness
  • 9.0
  • Lash Density
  • 8.7
  • Lash Length
  • 8.2
  • Safety
  • 8.5

#3 Eyelashes Product: RapidLash

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Beautify and Nourish Eyelashes with RapidLash

RapidLash Eyelash Conditioner is a very popular lash enhancing serum currently on the market. RapidLash's active ingredients to promote lash hair growth include panthenol, citric acid, and phenoxyethanol. A major plus to RapidLash is what it doesn't have: bimatoprost. According to the FDA, bimatoprost's side effects include "damage to the optic nerve [which] may lead to decreased vision and possibly blindness." Despite this, bimatoprost is still a very common ingredient in many lash enhancing formulas.

Unfortunately RapidLash does have some pretty serious cons. As stated on the company website, RapidLash causes irritation at the base of your eyelashes. Many RapidLash consumers have also reported serious allergic reactions to this cosmetic, as well as discoloration around their eyes.

If these side effects are too risky for your taste, we recommend trying MarveLash or Idol Lash instead as a safer alternative.

  • Overall:
  • 7.25
  • Effectiveness
  • 7.0
  • Lash Density
  • 8.5
  • Lash Length
  • 8.0
  • Safety
  • 6.5